The Harold A. Carter Determined Biblical & Theological Institute of Baltimore, Maryland is the fruit of a vision conceived by Dr. Harold A. Carter, many years ago. The vision was of a biblically sound theological institute that would do a professional job of assisting persons who otherwise might not be enabled with sound academic, theological training.

The appointed time for the vision arrived in the spring of 1996. All things were ready. New Shiloh had adequate facilities, access to theologically trained persons who had caught the vision and a community hungry for the Word of God. Without hesitation a charter board was formed whose educational strength and Christian commitment helped make the vision a reality. The first Board meeting was held on May 25, 1996. It was unanimously agreed that there was a need for a professional institution that would provide a rigorous educational experience for those laity and clergy interested in a theological education. The school was named The Determined Biblical and Theological Institute of Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Alfred C. D. Vaughn was elected to be Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and Dr. Harold A. Carter, Acting Chancellor. It was agreed that we would not wait, but our first semester would begin September 1996. Next a call went out for faculty. The board had agreed that the faculty should be seminary trained to provide a quality education of distinction. Seven persons responded and enthusiastically pledged their time, gifts and support. Several others agreed to lend their educational expertise in some basic academic areas.

Our souls look back in wonder at what God has done since then. Classes began on September 24, 1996 with thirty-six students. The student body remains diverse with clergy and laity, professionals and non-professionals, male and female. For some this is their first school experience since high school. Other students have degrees in other disciplines but are searching for a deeper understanding of the Bible, theology and ministry.

The Institute has sought each year to provide for the wider community an opportunity for biblical learning and theological reflection. This has served as an opportunity to bring in local and national scholars, religious leaders, and leading pastors, to share their wealth of knowledge and experience.

In June of 2000 Dr. & Mrs. Harold A. Carter, Jr. and Rev. Robbin Blackwell traveled to Trinidad to dedicate and open an extension of our Institute. The Determined Biblical & Theological Institute / Trinidad Extension is under the leadership of Headmaster Tony Hamilton. Pastor Hamilton caught the vision during a trip to the States and ignited the fire in several other pastors in the Trinidad/Tobago area. They began classes in September, 2000.

We celebrate nine years of quality theological education of distinction. In nine years our faculty has grown as others have caught the vision. Our student body has evolved as our students have been ignited with the fire of learning and recruited others to share the experience. Our curriculum continues to expand as we attempt to provide a relevant experience for those who matriculate. We are in the process of forging essential partnerships with other institutes of higher learning and august religious bodies in the wider community. We thank God that He has empowered us to give flesh to our mandate of being a “‘Biblical Institute Determined To Equip the Saints For The Warfare of Faith.”