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Apartment Building



Events requiring the sale of tickets can only be held in the Banquet and Meeting Hall and adjoining rooms. The church sanctuary and chapel are unavailable for rental. The church is not a party to the promotion of activities of any kind. This includes but is not limited to tickets, ads, fliers and related practices the purpose of which is to sell or solicit attendance at an event. If you will be advertising/promoting your event, you must include a telephone number where someone can be contacted to answer questions regarding the event.

The facility can be retained for educational programs, seminars, conferences, training programs, wedding receptions, community meetings, etc. We do not rent the Banquet and Meeting Facility for baby or bridal showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, bull roasts, and activities of this nature. Secular programs of a worldly nature, use of alcohol, and smoking will not be permitted at any time or place within the church building, adjoining properties, and exterior grounds.


The fee for space in the Family Life Center is included in the per person cost of the meals (breakout rooms are additional).

If your event does not include culinary services, the fee for space alone is as follows:

  • Adams Banquet & Meeting Room: $800.00

  • Dining Room: $400.00

  • Breakout Room: $35.00 per room


Each event held in the church will be approved and scheduled on an annual basis. Requests for a recurring annual event must be submitted annually for approval. The church will not consider or honor requests for Sunday events. All dates for events must be cleared by the authorized person(s) and cannot conflict in any manner with the existing ministry of the church.

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