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  • What is New Shiloh Village?
    New Shiloh Village is a 10-phase, multi-dimensional faith-based development project located in West Baltimore. The final project will consist of state-of-the art facilities that will include daycare, multi-purpose center, vocational training, family recreational facilities, mid-rise housing and health care for Seniors, and family counseling. Work continues on in the spirit of this vision.
  • How was New Shiloh Village conceived?
    New Shiloh Village is the realization of the vision of Dr. Harold A. Carter and Dr. Harold A. Carter, Jr., and is a by-product of the acquisition of the Cloverland Dairy property in Baltimore City consisting of 4000 square feet of commercial space. The Church demolished 50% of the space for additional parking and has used the remaining building as the starting point for the Village development initiative.
  • What are the boundaries of New Shiloh Village?
    The Village complex is bounded by Monroe Street to the east; Clifton Avenue to the south; Payson Street to the west and Elgin Avenue to the north.
  • How will New Shiloh Village benefit our community?
    New Shiloh Village will eliminate the blight of abandoned commercial facilities and transform despair into hope by creating hundreds of jobs in construction, computer/technology, automobile mechanics, and audio-visual production; and provide daycare, family counseling and geriatric care for senior residents of the community.
  • What does New Shiloh Village mean for me?
    As a resident of this community, New Shiloh Village means you can be excited about the positive transformation occurring in your community that is bringing economic empowerment and family resources within walking distance of your home. As a member of the New Shiloh Baptist Church, New Shiloh Village means satisfaction for doing God’s work and using the gifts God has given us to expand the ministry of the church and transform our community. As a prospective service provider, New Shiloh Village means the opportunity to do business with companies that will be housed in our facilities.
  • How will New Shiloh Village be funded?
    New Shiloh Village will be funded through Church contributions, community collaborative partnerships, local, state and federal grants, loans and bonds attainment, and leading financial institutions like Bank of America, Advance Bank, Harbor Bank, Ideal Federal 1st Mariner Bank and other foundations.
  • Who will manage New Shiloh Village?
    New Shiloh Community Development Corporation, a subsidiary property management corporation, has responsibility for the oversight, management, and maintenance of the facilities.
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