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Classical Music Players


Music is a human activity that is common to every culture on earth. Music with lasting value speaks directly to the innermost part of man- the Spirit. Is there anyone on planet earth whose life is not enriched in some way by music? Is there any child whose life has not been deepened, shaped and molded for good, who came under the influence of some dedicated, trustworthy musical teacher? Is there any nation that has not summoned its people to greatness through song? Is there any people who have suffered, been enslaved and dehumanized, who did not find inner peace and power to hold on, through the miracle of song? Is there any worship and praise of God, that is not lifted through the buoyant wings of song? The answers to these questions are obvious and for those reasons, The Carter School of Music has come into existence.

While some are gifted with a spontaneous ability to compose, play instruments, or sing, some prefer to just listen to music making, and still many more have the yet untapped potential to do any or all of these activities. Many have not had the opportunity or necessary exposure early on in their lives to study the art of reading and writing music. To all of these individuals, a music school provides the opportunity to discover the world of music and all its various facets. Mindful of our young, who represent the future, as well as adults who have an unsatisfied yearning for music, we have included all of their artistic and creative needs in our program. Students matriculating through The Carter School of Music will be well prepared to continue their education in a conservatory or university setting.

As the Executive Director of The Carter School of Music, it is my hope that you will enjoy the pleasant environment that we have provided for studies. Our teachers are experienced and sympathetic to your individual needs. They have what it takes to work with people, from the novice to the very experienced.

The enlarged Carter School of Music began September 15, 1994 under the leadership of Dr. Nathan Carter, Headmaster and Mrs. Alethia B. Starke, Dean. The Advisory Board members were: Pastor Harold A. Carter, Deacon Elizabeth Adams, Deacon Leonard Coleman, Deacon Sandra A. Jones, Deacon Shirley Harrison and Mr. Victor Myrick. Our school opened with 100 students and a faculty of fourteen faculty members including the dean and headmaster. The others were: Dr. Augustine Braithwaite (Violionist), Mrs. Jean Carter (Voice), Mr. Orlando Cotto (Marimbist), Mrs. Janice Johnson Jackson (Voice), Mr. Aldo Laguetta (Guitarist), Mrs. Kristin Laguetta (Pianist), Mr. Eugene S. Leak (Woodwinds), Mrs. Audrey Cyrus McCallum (Piano), Mr. Cedric N. Meekins (Piano), Mr. Victor W. Myrick (Organ), Dr. Chinny M. N. Ohia (Theory), Clay A. Robinson (Piano), and Ms. Phylis Lagree (Receptionist/Secretary).

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