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Church History

New Shiloh Baptist Church has a rich and glorious history. Founded in 1902, the church has been led by the late founder Dr. Whit W. Allen (1902-1942); Dr. J. Timothy Boddie (1942 – 1963); Dr. Harold A. Carter (1965-2013) and is presently being led by Dr. Harold A. Carter, Jr. (1996 to present), who shared in a unique and mutual pastoral relationship with his father.

New Shiloh is blessed to have Dr. Harold A. Carter, Jr. and his wife, Rev. Monique T. Carter, continue to build upon the spiritual model of faith, prayer and service.

In 1990, with the strength and sacrifice of the members of the congregation, a modern, multifaceted church and Family Life Center Complex in the city of Baltimore was erected, for worship and outreach.

Missions, Evangelism and Christian Education continue to be the pillars that give foundation for New Shiloh. Two schools, New Shiloh’s School of Music and The Biblical and Theological Institute of Baltimore bear witness to the church’s mission to nurture the total person.


From little children to mature adults; from those who have been in bondage to various addictions to those who have been prisoner to the pursuit of self-gain and worldly wisdom; from those seeking answers to life’s dilemmas to those having found that answers are in Jesus; all find a perpetual welcome at New Shiloh Baptist Church.

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